Good morning!
 My name is Kara. I was recently approached about renewing my HRC membership. But I had one condition before I agreed to renew, so I did not renew right away. I had previously been a member of HRC (for several years actually). Then I joined another gym, but returned to HRC. Over the years, I was never enthusiastic about exercising and my attendance was sporadic, at best. When I did make it to the gym, I participated in group classes. Yet, I always viewed exercising as a chore and it wasn’t something I wanted to do voluntarily. Then something happened around the middle of 2012. I wandered into a cardio kick / JAB class. And I was completely hooked!!! My gym attendance increased and I started to look forward to getting to this particular class. It was all because of the instructor, Sam Hawkins. Sam Hawkins really motivates me to exercise and come to his class on a regular basis. He has a great sense of humor and he really encourages students during class. He makes his classes fun and full of high energy. He has great music playing. I love his classes. Because of his teaching style, I exercise consistently and I feel like I am full of energy and good health. I look forward to evenings when he is teaching. I get to his class every chance I get. (I will even sneak out of work early on Monday and Wednesday evenings, just to make his class.) This leads me back to my original point — I did renew my membership but only AFTER I had a chance to speak with Sam. I wanted to make sure he would continue teaching at HRC. Only then was I willing to renew my membership. He is the reason I renewed. Can you please have Mr. Hawkins teach additional classes? (I recently went to a sculpting class that he subbed and again, he made that class fun and beneficial.) I recently referred my co-worker to join HRC as well. She is well aware of how much I missed Sam’s classes when I twisted my ankle and had a stress fracture late last year. I couldn’t make it to Sam’s classes for almost 4 months. Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing additional classes with Sam! He has changed my attitude towards exercising and he’s a fantastic instructor. (On my schedule this evening: Sam’s cardio kick class.) It would be great to see him more often. Thanks. Regards, Kara

To whom it may concern:

This letter is on behalf of Trainer Sam N. Hawkins. I have known and taken class with Sam for the past year, and I can say with honesty that he is the most outstanding Personal Trainer. I have had a training session with most every trainer, so I feel that is a fair statement based on my personal experience.
Besides being a friendly and very motivating personality, Sam has created the most varying and intense workout, which is lacking at the gym I was a member of. Yet his style is flexible enough to accommodate beginners, so no one is excluded. The pacing of the workout is vital, not just so that you maximize the benefits of the workout, but prevent injuries.
Sam is very attentive to those that train with him – especially to the beginners who have yet to develop the strength to use good form. He PAYS ATTENTION and calls people out if they are using incorrect form, which I feel is a primary role of the trainer – to observe in order to prevent injury – yet I find this aspect severely lacking with several trainers I trained with.
It is clear that Sam just really LOVES teaching and training, and this positive energy is really effective for us training or taking his class. He has created the perfect balance of FUN and HARD WORK.
I have no interest in Sam’s personal career, rather mine is a selfish interest in wanting the best training he can provide to me – the most safe, motivating, and enjoyable trainer; naturally, he is the one from which I can reap the most benefit. This is Sam!
I cannot recommend Sam enough. I hold him in the highest regard, and I can only hope that this letter means something to you – a person who may be entirely removed from the “Training” experience. I hope that my, indeed OUR, voices may be heard.


Dear Malin:
I am writing to you this morning to follow up on the phone conversation that I had with you a few weeks ago regarding the amazing program that you have designed. I would also like to write to you about one of the strongest instructors that you have, Sam N. Hawkins.
About a year and a half ago I tried his spin class during a very difficult period in my life. I had been battling depression along with an energy depleting divorce. All I wanted to do was to focus on getting my life back into balance and on the road to happiness. I started to change my diet, get proper sleep, keep a strict work schedule (yes, I’m a 9 to 5’er….. but I found that during depression I was overworking myself and resenting every minute of it!) and going to the gym on a regular basis. Sam’s classes were not only the most rewarding, a lot of fun AND spiritually gratifying. I kept this up until last winter…. Then after returning from Tokyo with my family I slipped right back into another bout of depression…. While this was happening I had no idea….. All that I know was that I could only function on the most basic level…. going to work, eating and sleeping. I just felt that I was hibernating during the colder months…. Well, when this continued through the spring and summer, I knew that I would have to re-vamp my lifestyle again. I did not want this to continue into the new millennium.
Well, to conclude this long explanation…. Over the last few months I’ve gotten my “me” back again. I trust what works and have eliminated what doesn’t…. what works for me is the classes that you offer… the variety, frequency and wonderful instructors that you employ. I find myself doing everything in my power (work and social obligations being the only hurdles…) to make it to these classes.
As they say, “Save the Best for Last!”…. as I mentioned at the beginning of this letter, Sam H. is an extremely talented teacher. He has helped me get back to being “me” and always goes out of his way to make everyone work (only if they want to…) and really seems to adore what he is doing. I hope that his efforts and strength is recognized. I love this guy… and so do the rest of his loyal patrons. Thanks for hearing me out and for having one of the strongest programs in the city.

To whom it may concern:
This letter is written on behalf of an instructor named Sam Hawkins who teaches Spinning at the Crunch fitness facility on 13th and 59th streets in Manhattan, New York.
I took my first Spinning class in October of 1996 to see what it was all about. It took me a couple of months to get used to the workouts, the techniques, and the instructors’ varying styles. Before taking Sam’s class, I attended 1 or 2 Spinning classes a week in addition to performing other work out routines. I really enjoyed going to all the classes but only Sam’s class seemed to especially motivate me; soon I attended as many as 5 classes a week with the majority being taught by Sam. At times I walk or take the subway completely out of my way just to get a good bike in a class being taught by Sam. And because Sam is such a popular instructor, I have to arrive at class an hour or more before Spinning starts just to reserve a bike!
Why arrive so early for such a grueling work out as some non-athletes might call it? It’s very simple: Sam’s attitude and his music. The music Sam has chosen is very different from the other instructors. He finds music which is fast, energetic, uplifting, and eccentric all wrapped into one. I can’t explain it completely, but there have been times when his music has put me into the “zone”. I am thoroughly exhausted, yet somehow I find this extra burst of energy from the music and push myself for another 10 or 15 minutes until class has ended.
As for Sam’s attitude, it is tremendous. He knows when to scream, he knows when to shout at us, and he also knows when to say something humorous. He will spend extra time helping out beginners and is a stickler when it comes to technique. Sam will even get the whole class involved by having us “count-down” or yell if we are tired. He might even turn up the tension knob if he thinks you are being lazy, yet he will not hesitate to help someone out if they seem overly fatigued or injured. Either way, Sam Hawkins is an excellent motivator and the best Spinning instructor that everyone enjoys!


To whom it may concern:
I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE Sam H’s classes. The music he plays really keeps my energy up, but it’s his style of teaching that makes the difference. Sam is constantly checking and reminding everyone to watch their form. I also love that he always wants to know if we’re “with you” and if we don’t scream loud enough he’ll stop (not that Sam ever would!).
The only problem is that Sam teaches too early. He needs to teach at 13th Street during the week after 5 PM. I know a lot of people that miss out on his class because they’re just getting out of work. Please try to get later classes; otherwise, I might gain back all the weight I lost (with his help!).


Dear Sam,
I have been taking your classes for quite a while now and continue to look forward to them every week.
I first discovered Sam’s class through a friend of mine. Where he was a substitute for the class my friend wanted me to take. I had no idea what I was in for, but I loved his class and have been taking it ever since.
When I learned that he would be teaching his own class, I was very happy! I also recruited many of my friends into his classes.
I had taken classes with different instructors. Most instructors simply go through the motions, but Sam’s approach is exceptional in motivation, intensity, technique, form, and team spirit.
I train hard all the time and am very competitive. Being challenged is my personal key to an excellent workout. When I walk into Sam’s classes I know that I’m going to have a fantastic ride listening to superb music.

Thank You,

Dear Sammy,
I just wanted to write you this note to thank you very much for getting me hooked on spinning. I used to watch other classes and think to myself how other people could possibly take a class for a whole hour. Then one day a friend introduced me to one of your spin classes and I have been hooked on your class ever since. I have been religiously taking your class now for about 7 months and have noticed such a change in my body. I now swear by spin classes and recommend your class to all of my friends. I enjoy your classes so much, they are such a great workout, I feel the pounds just melting away. Even when I have had a tiring day at work and have absolutely no energy, I take one of your classes and you motivate me to really push myself. Also your music selection is fantastic; it is always energetic and uplifting. Not only do I get a great workout but I actually have a lot of fun in your class. My form has totally improved because of your instruction that I even get compliments from other gym members and other instructors. Basically Sammy I just wanted to thank you for adding such a great cardio class to my workouts and motivating me when I have no motivation. You are a great instructor and should be very proud of yourself for having such great classes. Keep up the great work because we all look forward to your classes.

Thanks Again,
Devoted Spin Student

Dear Sam,
I have been working out for a really long time… I’m probably one of the oldest clients that you have in your class (though I don’t look it of course!)… But with all the experience I have attained over the years, there is one thing that I do know…And that is when a great instructor is leading a class… and that is you Sam!!
Your class is probably one of the most difficult, but most challenging classes that is offered in the New York area. There are times that I will walk into your class in the evening after a long grueling day at work and say to myself, where am I going to find the energy to do this class tonight? But somehow, by your amazing motivational power, whether it is by your very eccentric pulsating music, or by way of just using your explosive personality, I find this inner strength that I didn’t know existed. I don’t know if I could explain to you the exhilaration and sense of accomplishment I feel after I finish your class. It’s what keeps me coming back for more.
You’re the Best Sam… I love your class.